Kevin Mack

Kevin Mack

Director of Operations

I first met Andreas Economou at Dole in 1980 when he was supervising their Chilean import business. I had just graduated from college and was eager to pursue my career. Although I had no experience in the produce industry, Andy recognized my potential, and so began my produce education. Over the course of the proceeding four years, I performed many different jobs and slowly acquired the skills necessary to manage an import operation.

During the time I worked with Andy at Dole, I was impressed with the core values inherent in Mr. Economou: honesty, dedication, loyalty and a strong work ethic. Andy knew how to run a successful business—so you can imagine my disappointment when he left Dole in 1984.

Shortly thereafter, I learned Andy had established Unifrutti of America, Inc. (UOA), now Tastyfrutti International, Inc., in Philadelphia, PA, so I immediately applied for a job in operations. In 1986, I was hired by Tastyfrutti and my produce education continued, managing all aspects of a full-scale port and cold storage operation. Over the years, Tastyfrutti has been dedicated to the personal and professional development of all its employees. I have enjoyed the opportunity to travel to Chile and other unique foreign destinations to broaden my horizons and experience interesting cultures and people. As the global produce industry rapidly evolves, there are always new things to learn and milestones to conquer. Here at Tastyfrutti, we’re always continuing our education.

Today, I am Director of Operations for my company. Tastyfrutti has met their commitment to improve my status as an employee and in response, I have devoted myself to our continued success. All these years Tastyfrutti has been a dependable, thriving company and this has been very important to me. Tastyfrutti has provided my wife and I with all the security and resources fundamental to raising our daughter in a comfortable and stable environment. Currently, Stephanie is successfully working on her doctorate degree in Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University.

In many ways, this is a very special and memorable year for my family and me. Shortly after I began working for Tastyfrutti, Andy hired an office assistant named Mary. In 1986, we were married. This year, not only do I celebrate 30 years with Tastyfrutti, but Mary and I celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

We would like to thank Andreas Economou and Tastyfrutti for making all this possible.